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Photography and Contemporary Fine Art

I am a native of Colombia raised in the United States; I have ADHD, and ART is simply a huge part of my life tools - ArtRx! I don't see life without art, and it has been such since I was a child.


My background is a fusion of Colombian and American roots and traditions. I pride myself in working on providing fine contemporary art services to my community in the form of photography, paintings, and drawings. As a Christian artist, I take my artistry with love and responsibility, providing the best service a follower of Jesus Christ should exemplify.


Through my art; I strive to bring awareness to important issues about God, mental health and healing, diversity, nature, wildlife, and life. I am a federal employee that loves to serve my country; I have a background in Marine Biology, Environmental Science, and Policy - plenty of the muse of my art comes from here.


My photography specializes in Lifestyle Portraits, Nature, and Fashion. 

My art specializes in Contemporary Fine Art.

I invite you to explore some of my photography-featured work!


My Education

Master of Science Degree

Johns Hopkins University

Environmental Science & Policy

Washington, DC

Summa Cum Laude


Bachelor of Science Degree

Florida International University 

Marine Biology

Miami, FL


My Services


Capturing Special Moments


Quality Over Quantity

My History

I am a self-taught artist, and although I have taken art courses, I mostly do intuitive work and follow my own rules.  Since I was a child, I have used art to brighten up my life through the use of photography, drawings, and paintings. Having ADHD has also allowed me to use art as a way to channel my concentration and a way for self-expression. intuitively, I used art as medication for my ADHD; I had no clue that my daily art expressions helped me to concentrate - especially because I was unaware that I had ADHD, as I was diagnosed as an adult. 

Drawing and Doodling while taking notes was a staple of my life as a student. When I entered the workforce, this practice continued during business calls and meetings; pairing art with business always allowed me to retain more information and stay focused. As I was using art through my life settings, something bigger was brewing for me that I didn't see coming. 


While I evolved as a federal employee, so did my photography and art. Friends and family started asking me for custom-made art and photography photoshoots; I was surprised and honored by their requests!  One day, I met a talented artist during a solo trip, and we connected immediately; she reviewed my work and gave me one of the best critiques that I have received about my work. That day I knew that I was blessed with a gift from God and that my artistry needed to go beyond my closed doors.


God's calling was bigger than my limited views. Since then, my view of myself as an artist has morphed into a calling that I take with pride, love, and responsibility. 

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More About Lina


My Goals as an Artist are to:


  • Continue to provide funds from proceeds to Youth in the Fostering Care System and Local Church for Community Outreach work.

  • Bring Happiness with my Art to buyers and admirers of it while making Your Vision a Reality! 

  • Spread Love and Kindness.

  • Use my art to share work that talks about important issues from a loving and understanding perspective.

  • Keep Innovating and Learning. I don't make the same art piece twice; I love creating new art and exploring new ideas!

  • Sticking to quality over quantity and creating original, one-of-a-kind art pieces.

  • Collaborate with other businesses and artists.

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